My Thoughts on Recent Sports

Hello, all, and welcome to my blog. I’m not a frequent poster, but I do feel that I have some relevant insights to share with you today in the world of sports.

1. Why Big Blue Nation is the most obnoxious fanbase in sports…

Being an Indiana native living in Kentucky, I must say that Kentucky fans are obnoxious. I read several (many) reports of just how obnoxious Kentucky fans were during the NCAA tournament. This included a Kentucky fan getting into a fight at a dialysis clinic, someone getting shot in Lexington due to wearing the wrong gear on championship weekend, and numerous reports of rioting and nuisance fires.

Kentucky fans need to calm down and realize that there is more to life than college basketball. During basketball season in Kentucky, unless you support the Big Blue Nation, you need to watch your ass. I was watching the Indiana-Kentucky tournament game in a local establishment, eating a sandwich, and I had drunken, idiotic Kentucky fans accosting me at all sides. Of course I was rocking my IU gear, but that is beside the point. You should be able to represent your team without fear of reprisal. Period. Also, every time a Kentucky player made a basic play, like a dunk or layup, the crowd went nuts. I mean, really? These are simple plays, not world-ending events people. Lighten up. Seriously.

2. Why the Ozzie Guillen comments were wrong…

Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie, will you never learn to keep your mouth shut? Seriously. Saying you love Castro when you live and work in a predominantly Cuban-American locale is just stupid. Not to mention offensive. Think of it this way… it’s like saying “I love Hitler” in a Jewish community (or any community, really). This is a man that has oppressed people and taken away freedoms. Castro is not lovable. He is not a good guy. He is an evil piece of Communist crap. I don’t care if your comments were taken out of context or misinterpreted. You messed up by putting yourself in that situation.

3. On the Peyton Manning accquisition/ Tebow trade…

I grew up 35 miles outside of Indianapolis. I have been a Denver Broncos fan for my whole life. This has made me a pariah in my family. I have spent the last 14 years hating Peyton because he played for the Colts and was awesome. Now he plays for the Broncos and will be awesome. Boy that crow tastes good.

As far as Timmy is concerned, I like the guy. I supported him as my quarterback, even though I knew he was fundamentally flawed and not ready to start as an NFL quarterback. That being said, “Tebow Time” is a joke. “Tebow Time” never has a chance to happen without that defense. Not to mention, I hate people who were only Broncos fans because of Timmy. Fuck that. I support MY team, regardless of the quarterback. If one of my favorite players leaves in free agency (see Eddie Royal to Chargers), or is traded, they are the ENEMY. I do not continue to root for them. So, to all the Tebowmaniacs, goodbye and good riddance.

4. On the Saints bounty scandal…

Ok, “Bountygate” is out there, and there has been a lot of back and forth about it. Denials, accusations, suspensions and all else aside, I think it’s been overblown. No, I don’t want to see anyone lose their livelihood or get injured. I do not see the problem with pools for interceptions, forced fumbles, punt return touchdowns, kickoff return touchdowns, or big hits (providing they are legal). I watch football because I love the game. I love the violence, I love the passion, and I love the competitive spirit. As long as game-changing plays are legal, I see no problem with incentives for players who make them.


Thats all I have for now. May your path be smooth and straight, may the wind be at your back and the sun on your face, may you love well and be well-loved in turn, may the gods favor you, and may you always, Blessed Be!